I realize that most of you are probably here, looking at this fancy-pantsy website wondering:

Who is this Max Dubois, and what is this Mismatched Play my friends keep talking about?

Good question, bro!

Who’s this guy?

My name is Max Dubois, and I am a hobby enthusiast from Quebec, Canada.


Over the last decade, I’ve been working in the hobby, either as a miniature painter, or in every possible job available at game stores, where I started 1 day a week, getting paid in store vouchers, to right now, managing my own game store.

What I enjoy most out of the hobby is travelling across the world to tournaments.  The first major event I ever attended was Adepticon 2006, and from that point on, I was hooked.

I have since then been to countless tournaments across America, making thousands of friends in the process and bringing home more than my fair share of trophies along priceless memories.

I enjoy every aspect of tournaments, awesomely painted armies, competitive games, sharing drinks with other hobby maniacs, everything.

And about this Mismatched Play thing?  

Well, Mismatched Play is my podcast, where I hope to share my passion for tournaments, and Warhammer 40,000 in general, with you.

Now that’s well and all, but there are lots of podcasts, why would I listen to yours? 

Again, killing it with the sharp questions, mah dude!

What is different with Mismatched Play? Everything.

First order of business, episodes are short.  30 minutes on average, 45 minutes tops.  I never could listen to podcasts more than an hour long, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Thirty minutes is a decent sized morning or evening commute, or a good cardio on the treadmill, so let’s spend that time together.

Second order of business, I bring in the pros.  Every episode comes with it’s special guest.  This can be either:

  • A tournament organizer that will share details and his thoughts on his and other events.
  • A notorious good player, where we can discuss their latest victory at a tournament, analyse a Patreon’s list, or go through a brand new codex.
  • You.  Besides sharing my love for tournaments, I’d loving nothing more than to hear your side of the story.

This way, you can expect to always have the best information on what’s going on.

Third order of business, sky’s the limit.  I have grand plans for this podcast, and I am willing to try and do a whole lot:


  • Webcasts
  • Webinars / Book Reviews
  • Livestreams
  • Event Coverage

This is just the tip of the iceberg my friends.  If you have requests and demands, we’ll see how we can meet them.

Greatness awaits my friends, I hope you join me!