The Best General, Episode 12: On Angel’s Wings

It’s your Wannabe Best General back again with another episode in my pursuit to be bonafide Best In The World, for at least one weekend. This episode breaks from our normal narrative and for good reason: BLOOD ANGELS ARE BACK BITCHES!

Andrew and I are both huge Blood Angels fans and I have Andrew largely to blame for that going back to a random afternoon of day-drinking and dice rolling where we swapped armies. Dreadnoughts dropped from Pods and metal clashed with Wraithbone and I’ve pretty much not looked back since. This new book has a lot of potential. Will it win a Grand Tournament? Time will tell, but there are definitely some tricks you should know and we go over them in 5…4…3…2……

Tune in on iTunes here 

For non-Apple eaters, tune in here.  

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