Eldars in the Finals!?

The Portal GT was a week ago in Manchester, CT and the finals table featured Kurt Clauss and Nick Rose, playing Eldars and Astra Militarum.  Of course, we got all the deets.  Step right in!

You can watch pretty much the entire GT here.

Well ok, crucify me if you must for the tittle, because they did lose in said finals.  The fact they made it there in the 1st place is a great morale boost to the space elf playing folks who were in a pretty bad place with 8th edition!

Ynnari is dead, long live Ynnari!

The Eldar were the recipients of both Nerfbat and Buffpads, in the form of the Ynnari nerf and a Codex of their own.

The Codex itself is pretty standard and in line with the current releases and gives the space elf players a lot more stuff to play with, with the Craftworld rules and stratagems.

The Ynnari side of the spectrum was hammered by a FAQ a few weeks ago concerning Soulburst.  Simply put, you can’t use the same Soulburst action more than once per turn.  No more shooting you’re entire army twice.

This FAQ made a lot of eldar players shriek in terror, seemingly spelling doom for their army, but with Kurt’s recent success, maybe the nerf isn’t so bad.  Army lists simply switch from full-on-Ynnari to Craftworlds and 1 detachment of Ynnari.




So I asked Kurt, who was nice enough not to ignore me because I bribed him with models, for a couple of insights on his list and what he’d change.  Here’s the lowdown

  • I didn’t need all 16 Swooping Hawks, I will drop them to 10, or 5.
  • The big bike unit may not have been worth their points.  They don’t fit well with the secondaries of the new ITC Missions and they are likely getting cut.
  • I’m in the market for multiple ( more than 5, less than 10 ) Spiritseers.  So you know, maybe those will be in there.

Ass-whata Mili-whata?

Now, 2nd place is fine and all if you’re Kurt ( BOOYAH!) but let’s talk about the winner Nick Rose and his Astra Militarum list.

Damn, Astra Militarum are killing it.  It’s not like I didn’t warn you folks!


Again, I went straight to the source and asked Nick what tweaks he was considering for this list, if any.

  • Making it a Brigade , Spearhead and Command, as I want more CP
  • Cutting Celestine to make room, the Infantry advances a lot on it’s own.
  • Basically 60 infantry guys, 4 mortar teams, 3 basilik, manticores and 4 hell hounds and a handful of characters.

Unrelated to Nick’s, here are my buddy KC’s Astra Militarum that are just too awesome to  pass on.


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