The Best General, Episode 10: A Gamer & A Gentleman

In this episode, Adam discusses sportsmanship and it’s importance along with a true Gentleman Gamer and his third-round Warzone: Atlanta opponent, Horton Doughton.

For non-Apple eaters, tune in here:…/TheBestGeneral_Epidode_10.mp3

“Roboute Guiliman*, the definition of sportsmanship, not.” – Max

Hello Québécois and followers of the Best Québécois In All Of Quebec, possibly Canada, and maybe even North America. I’m back again for a little post show round up of my most recent episode or The Best General.

In this episode, I am joined by one of my most favorite people in the world, a very talented gamer, Horton Doughton.

What Horton and I begin to address in this episode is the concept of sportsmanship and how important this aspect of our game and hobby is.

I would like to push this topic further and expand on what it means to play “Gotcha 40K”  in future episodes while we push the comfort zone discussing tournament ethics, or “ethical 40K.” As always I’m eager to hear your thoughts,  so leave a message below, or reach out to me on Ze Facebook, yeah?

*Like that Robert guy and his 2 henchmen?  Hit up Beyond the Brush Studio, Adam’s painting business.

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