Who’d You Rather – Regiments & Relics

The Valhalan’s Nerf-Negaters, Cadian Archeologists and the Catachan Masters of Random are put to the test in this Who’d You Rather.

I enjoy the living crap out of the Astra Militarum.  In fact, it’s the army that got me in competitive play and internet shenanigans.  Of course, back then they were called the Imperial Guard and people dreaded what was called the Leafblower, made famous by Nick Rose in the ‘Ard Boyz tournaments.

It went downhill from there; 6th and 7th were not a great time for the Imperial Guard.  I know because I am the top ranked Bullgryn player of all time ( Don’t let a single word David Koszka says convince you otherwise ) and because I played Adepticon back to back with the poor fellas*  But with 8th edition, man it feels great to be a guard player.

But now, Astra Militarum are a force to be reckoned with once again, and they are the subject of today’s Who’d You Rather.


Pictures in this post are from The Wobbly Modelers.  To have a quote for your models, email thewobblymodelers@gmail.com or contact Austin Wingfield directly.

Here are our contenders:

Valhalan’s Nerf-Negaters

Cadian Archeologists

Catachan, Masters of Random

The Astra Militarum army templates at the moment are all quite similar, with a few exceptions.  It’s usually a choice between having a dope Relic or a dope Regiment rule.

Here’s a basic “catchall” Astra Militarum list:

  • Company Commander
  • Commissar Lord
  • 6x  Infantry Squad
  • – INSERT some sort of firepower here, more on that later. –
  • Supreme Command with 3-5 Primaris Psykers.

Now this is pretty much the basic units every guard player begins with and then adds the fire power stuff.  What to add depends loosely on your regiment and relic of choice.

Valhalan’s Nerf-Negaters

Valhalan’s don’t pack extra value for your fire power.  What they bring to the table is instead a much comfier cushion to protect your fire-power with.

Conscripts are getting a 3rd round of the nerfbat with the point increase in Chapter Approved.  Still, with the Valhallan Nerf-Negaters, 30-man units remain a strong contender of awesome sauce.

Add the Bolt Pistol of Pre-Nerf Glory ( Pietrov’s MK45 ), or whatever that relic is called gets you the good old comissar trick you were used to, and allows you to slog your 180 conscripts across the board without losing a bucketful to morale.

Catachan, Masters of Random

Catachans offer the best force-multiplier to your fire-power, in the form of re-rolling the number of shots you can make with your tanks.  Wyverns roll 4d6 shots, you can always re-roll the lowest of the 4.  Wyverns are mortars on ‘roids, but now, think about the real thing:  Basilisks, Manticores and Shadowswords.  SweetBabyJesus, gimme that re-roll all day, every day!

The +1 Strength for Infantry is nice, but not really worth building an army around it.  Their relic is pretty much unplayable.


Cadian Archeologist

The Astra Militarum poster boys, Cadia’s finest are last on our list of who’d you rather.  Last but not least, as they are my favorite.

Their doctrine is pretty straightforward, re-roll 1s to hit in shooting if you did not move.  This is a great trait to begin with as a) moving is not something you usually do a lot of with guards, and b) you roll a bucket of dice everytime, you are bound to get some 1s.

Where Cadia really shines is with their meta-busting relic of awesomeness.  The field at most tournaments is roughly one third Chaos, one third Imperium and one third everyone else.  The Relic of Lost Cadia’s text pretty much translates into:  when I play one third of my games I’m 90% guaranteed a win.  OK, the real text is:  Activate the relic on your turn, every unit within 6” of it gets to re-roll all failed to hit and failed to wound rolls versus Chaos.

Let me tell you that on that turn, being a chaos player across the table does not feel awesome.

Some lists

Here’s a 2000pts pre-Chapter Approved list I really enjoy:


  • Company Commander – Relic of Lost Cadia
  • Company Commander
  • Company Commander – Warlord
  • 3x Infantry Squad with Lascanon
  • 3x Infantry Squad with Lascanon and Plasmagun
  • Comissar
  • Ratlings
  • Ratlings
  • Scout Sentinel with Lascannon
  • Scout Sentinel with Lascannon
  • Scout Sentinel with Lascannon
  • 2x Basilisk
  • 2x Wyvern
  • 2x Wyvern


  • 4x Primaris Psyker
  • Shadowsword, Lascanon&Heavy Bolter Sponsons

This is loosely 2000pts and it’s quite straightforward:  Good stuff, plenty of command points and the Relic of 33% auto-win.

Here’s another variant, this time mixing it up a little bit with the regiments.  It is around 1600 with the 4pts conscripts rumored to be in Chapter Approved, and adding 400 points to this list shouldn’t be too hard with a solid core like this and a detachment to spare.

BATALLION – Valhallan

  • Company Commander – Warlord
  • Lord Comissar – Pietrov MK45
  • 6x 30 Conscripts


  • Primaris Psyker
  • 3x Wyvern
  • Manticore
  • Manticore
  • Manticore
  • Manticore

Next time we talk about the imperial guard, we will look at a different style of lists, the Super Heavy Metal, featuring 3 Shadowswords and Baneblade variants.

*And having Austin introduce himself “Austin Wingfield, I play Guard” was sadder than AAs greeting.

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