Guess Who’s Back With a Brand New Bag?

As much as I love painting, I can’t stop looking at the competitive side of 40K.

I miss writing about hardcore games, sketchy tactics and overpowered lists.

And over the past months without blogging, I thought the great work that GW is doing with 8th edition and tournament play would spark a lot of quality content to come forth.  But it has not. Or at least, not enough for my taste.

Call it a beacon in the sky, a lighthouse in a storm, or, let’s not kid ourselves, the Batsignal of competitive 40K, but Mismatched Play is coming back!

Now it does come with a few changes from what was originally planned ( long list of I statements follow, you,ve been warned )

  • As of right now, I cannot afford to attend tournaments.  This affects the “coverage” portion of events in terms of live streaming.  It shouldn’t, however, lists and analysis.
  • Speaking of analysis, this will remain a blog only type thing for now.  The podcasting/webcasting will have to wait a while.
  • I am re-starting all of this out of the blue by myself.  I am not sure if the Brown will be back on board.  If not I will find other content producers to share their thoughts. Let’s be honest, I will find others.  If you’d like to be a guest on here, please shout out.
  • I am looking at ways to monetize the site.  We have decent traffic on the regular despite the non-posting of the last month and I am quite fond of keeping the lights on, so to speak.  I am not a big believer of asking for money with nothing to offer in return, however.  With the recent changes to the online policies of the GW, I am looking at ways to integrate either a Mismatched Play online store type thing, or as a Patreon-type reward system where you get models for your support.

Now, that was quite a lot of bummers for a single paragraph.  Here are the cool things I am stoked to get cracking on:

  • Mo’ Army lists.  There is a lot of structure done in the shadow of this blog to get a good format for displaying army lists and having some form of up to date “templates”  so I do plan on using that and evolving it.
  • Chapter Approved.  Oh. Em. Gee!  I can’t wait for the book!
  • Intro to competitive play and Intro to tournaments type of series. ” Where can I find info on tournaments or getting good at 40K” is probably the question I get the most and I find it really hard to come up with an answer.  So, I’ll do my best to cover this.

Any input, comment and/or calling me a sellout about the monetization, please drop in a line either in the comments below or through the contact page.

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