Everybody Wang-ed, Everybody Chun-ged

Everyone had fun. And though this journey was brief, it is time to end it.  It’s not really the end, it’s just moving, sorta.

Moving somewhere you said?  Why yes, right here.  

Beast Coast is a big part of what I had in mind when I made this channel, as it regroups a lot of hardcore 40K players.  The site is in the hands of the more than capable Phil Rodokanakis, that allowed us to stream NOVA in the first place, and his an overall outstanding individual.

Eventually the content that is here will transfer on over there, and my articles there, should I post every once in a while, will remain true to myself:  Salt-free, bullshit-free and drama-free.

I leave you with the glory that is Sean Nayden, and his ETC Qualifiying submission form.


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