The Invitational Game That Never Was

The NOVA Open Invitational Finals game lasted 37 minutes from the time both players got to the table.  Drama ensued on the interwebs.  Here’s how and why it went down.

This is the game right here:  Well, there’s no game really.  Andrew and Alan talk about their list a little, pick mission objectives, and deploy.  Alan has +1 to go first and loses the roll; he fails to seize; he reaches his hand across the table and says: ” I concede”

Worst. Batrep. Ever.

There was a lot of drama regarding the NOVA Invitational Finals, and a whole lot of misrepresentation and people talking through their hats, or lower end body parts, about it.


Most drama being about the poor sportsmanship or lack of faith in a game or without thinking about the viewers of the stream.  All of this, coming from the guy hosting said stream, is utter baloney.  Or cow fecal matter.

What most people missed is how Alan screwed himself up by registering the wrong list.


The list is not illegal, that’s why he was not disqualified.  But it couldn’t work the way he intended it to work, which is a big deal when the part not working is the bulk of your army.

So before losing your shit over this, please remember that with his list functioning on artificial support, Alan did manage to reach the 1st bracket, and went on to play the semi finals of that bracket.

I’m not saying who’s wrong, I’m not saying who’s right, I’m just saying, we don’t deal with misrepresentation and mis-information here.  No clickbait; no bullshit.

As for the chaos list itself, you’ll have to wait for tomorrow.  Some clickbait, maybe 😉

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