Welcome to Brown Town

Nick Nanavati joins the ranks of Mismatched Play to bring you expert takes on the competitive side of 40K.  He needs no introduction, but here’s one anyway!

Hello guys, girls, and unicorns of all ages.  My name is Nick Nanavati or as some of you may know me, Nick Brown.

I’m here to tell you a little about myself.  My official title is Nikhil Nayan Nanavati, King of Finland, Prophet of the Warpstorm, The Troll slayer, and World’s greatest 40k player ever.

I was born in the cold wilderness of New Jersey, and fended myself from wolves and bears since early childhood in order to survive.  This gave me a highly strategic mind for survival and warfare which allowed me to reenter civilization as the strategic genius writing to you today.  Upon my reentry into civilization I immediately started playing Warhammer at the young age of 10.  Since then I’ve been honing my skills and competing both nationally and internationally for years.

Some of my more noteworthy accomplishments are my 4 Adepticon Championship wins, my 2 Nova Invitational wins, my 4 (going on 5) appearances at ETC, and my coronation as the King of Finland after defeating their entire country in mortal combat.

Aside from that I’m just a man with a dream. I want to help the hobby I love grow and help foster the competitive Warhammer community into something great.

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