NOVA Coverage all week!

Basically the best thing after shark week, Mismatched play will be covering the 40K part of the NOVA Open convention held this week, from Thursday, August 30th to Sunday,September 2nd.

We got a sick week lined up for you folks.

Wednesday:  A review of the NOVA Missions from the primer.  NOVA missions are super fun but require a little forethought to make the most out of.  We got you fam’


From Thursday to Sunday: Twitch Coverage!  Follow our channel now to get notifications when the stream goes up, and join Dave for the Invitational, and me, whenever I drop from the GT to shoutcast.


Thursday: The Invitational Lists.  All of them?  Most of them anyways!  The post goes live at 8AM EST, and once I land in DC, I will hunt down the missing lists from the guys still playing and add them to the post.


Saturday Evening:  Top 16 GT Lists.  All of them?  All of them!

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