Game Changers from the New Books

Last weekend, the Chaos Space Marines and Grey Knight Codex were released unto the world, and with them come a few tweaks to the competitive scene.

Grey Knights don’t come with a lot of awesome sauce. ┬áStratagems to cast stronger powers and the lovable Nemesis Dreadknight Grand Master are pretty much the take aways from the Codex.


Chaos Space Marines, on the other hand, come with greatness not seen since the 3.5 Edition Codex.

Alpha Legion seem to be the best legion so far, offering shooting protection and infiltrating stratagems, with Renegades coming in close second offering the berserker special to all units, advancing and charging!

The coolest thing about the Chaos Book is that most stratagems are offered to Marked units, regardless of their Legion.  This allows you to forge all kind of narratives with Alphazerkers, Alpha Slaanesh Terminators and the likes.

The good counterbalance in the book is that it is incredibly hard to field a Brigade or ways to gain a lot of Command Points.

The buffpad:

  • Basic daemons troops are all cheaper now, which is great news for Plaguebearers and Daemonettes, who are now priced more decently and become playable, or at the very least interesting.

The nerfsticks:

  • No more legion units as troops. ┬áThis is a weird one, as it’s unclear wether you can still use the Index Legion rules to build an army, assuming you don’t want to include the stratagems and other Codex rules.
  • Brimstones getting a well deserved point hike with a nerf on their smite.
  • Horors now need to field 10 pinks in order to cast regular smite, otherwise, they only inflict 1 wound.

This smite ban will have an impact on smite-spam lists, but until the Malefic Lords are priced up / toned down, expect to see them take the field a lot more.

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