Tic-Tok Goes the Tournament Clock

Slow play and finishing game seems to be an issue of 8th edition.  Don’t like playing only 2 turns in a game?  These 5 tricks may just be what you need!

There is a whole lot of talk about slow playing, things taking a lot more time with 8th edition.

The slow playing issue is an issue since forever in the tournament scene, usually something more along the lines of getting carried away in the game, not checking the time and there realizing there is only a minute left.

I have rarely seen anyone actively slow play or running down the time as a tactic.  But it happens, you’ve heard the stories.  Now these tricks

Here are a couple of tricks:

1- Ask politely, yet firmly to speed up the game, or pick up the pace.

POLITELY, YET FIRMLY.  Don’t make it a scene of biblical proportions, don’t take no for an answer either.  Are you playing Brad Chester or another mean looking guy?  Try this line: ” Hey, I really want us to finish the game, we will have to play a little faster.”  It’s a we situation, even if your turn is only taking 4 minutes every time.


2- Tell a judge early on.

I don’t mean cry, complain and have the judge babysit your game, but if n hour and a half of your time is gone and your opponent is still deploying or in his turn 1 movement phase, that little “not gonna finish” bell should be ringing.  Go to a judge or wait until one passes by and tell him straight up: ” This is not an issue now, but this game is going super slow, it’s turn 1 and I have yet to play more than X minutes.  I don’t want to run into a time issue later on” Now, this alone will not make you or your opponent play faster, but it will, should it come to it, not be on you to explain at the end how you are on turn 2 after 3 hours.

3- Move his models, have him move yours.  

This is more of a playing hordes problem, but it can be helped. If those conscripts are moving 7″ place 2-3 models 7 away and tell your opponent to bunch up the 47 other models around them.  When you do this, be upfront with your opponent about your intent ” Put these conscripts there, 17″ away from your unit ”  or ” so that you can’t place models within 3″ of this objective”.

4- Plan ahead.  

When time gets to a critical phase,with 45 minutes- half an hour left, agree with your opponent on the end game outcome.  Not fixing score, fixing game turns.  ” Hey there’s 40 minutes left, do you want to call next turn as the last turn regardless or you want to push for 1 more after ”  Do this when both players have a chance to play, so nobody feels cheated by the outcome.  And then stick to that plan, making sure you play your turn accordingly.

5-  Let it go.

If the last turns, focus on the points, and leave out the rest.  Most likely,  there is really not much to do except move in on the objectives and kill that 1 character/unit.  Do that, and let your opponent play.  At ATC when I played Phil’s Razorwing, we played turn 4 and 5 in 12 minutes.  That’s 3 minutes per player per turn, and the outcome of the 3 minutes turn would of been the same as 20 minutes turns.


And if all else fails, here is an affiliate link for chess clocks.

While you can’t really enforce it on your opponent, having an idea on how long you’ve actually played in the game is a good place to start.

Robolife Professional LEAP PQ9907 Digital Chess Clock Count Up Down Timer with Clock

USA folks, this is the one I’ve seen most Warmachine players use, it won’t break the bank and it get’s the job done.  If you are outside the USA, you will have to shop around a little on amazon

Robolife Professional LEAP PQ9907 Digital Chess Clock Count Up Down Timer with Clock

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