Mo’ FAQs, Mo’ Funz

Games Workshop is on fire this week for the matched play enthusiasts!  First a teaser for the upcoming Chapter Approved, and now a Codex: Space Marines errata.

First up is the Codex: Space Marine errata!

You can get here ( as a PDF)

Nothing major rules wise, more fixing minor changes, like the wound profile on the stalker that skipped a  number.

The biggest change is the Relic of the Chapter stratagem which is now limited to once per game, preventing you from going all hoarder up in there taking every single relic with your endless supply of command points.

Second order of business, Chapter approved!

Games Workshop is bringing back Chapter Approved, a yearly book of up to date FAQs and update on the game, aimed for Matched Play.

Wait, what?  Who are you and what have you done to the old Games Workshop?  Well, whatever it was, keep doing it, because this tournament love is awesome sauce!

You can read the entire glorious article on the Warhammer Community, which starts with:

“With tournament season fast approaching, we’ve decided to release some of the new rules from Chapter Approved early in the interest of making sure that your matched play games are as fun and as balanced as possible.”




Notable changes from the article:

  • Flyers can’t control objectives
  • Objective Secured in all “Faction” troops.
  • No more finish setup 1st, play 1st.  If you finish 1st, you get +1 on the roll of for who goes 1st.

For those of you not familiar with Chapter Approved, back in the 2003 era, they were released yearly and contained the collection of all rules found in that year’s 12 White Dwarf magazines.

Having all the FAQs, erratas and content in one book sure makes it easy, specially if the price point is similar to the Index Books.

Man, I sure hope my girlfriendmom… Santa brings me one as it’s announced to drop in time for Christmas!

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