They’re back! Is it 2009 already?

After a long break in the field, the fine folks of New Games Workshop ( yes, I’m waiting for them to rebrand as such ) are dipping their toes in the tournament scene!  Bully!


Well, maybe the picture and tittle were a little clickety baitey, but you’ll have to excuse me, I am giddy like a school girl at a Bieber’s concert.

Tournaments?  Games Workshop?  Are you?



So yes, GW dropped this tournament pack ( click here to download the PDF ) this week, and it looks awesome.

This goes in line with the interest they are showing the tournament scene lately, from attending cons and announcing new releases there, to their renewed love for playtesters that happen to know the competitive side of the game.

This is the rule pack for their event, the 40K Grand tournament, but is also a great tool for anyone wanting to run a tournament at their FLGS or stepping in the tournament scene.

The last GW events were the Throne of Skulls and the ‘Ard Boyz series back in 5th edition.  The ‘ard boyz did bring everyone’s favorite list, the Leafblower, to the forefront of tournament play.

It was also regarded by many as the most anti-hobby tournament ever, proxy-gallore, unpainted-paradise and so on.  This Grand Tournament structure reflects better on the hobby side, with 25% of the points you earn coming from army presentation.

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