Hot takes from Europe!

The weekend is over, and with it marks the end of the ETC 2017.  While the ETC was not using the BIRD FAQ, what has Europe brought to the future of competitive play?


1- Russia

2- Poland

3- France

Shoutout to my homeboys from team Canada, that while not getting a spectacular finish this year, played in style and won Best Painted team.

You can find the standings as well as each rounds pairings on here.

You can find the ETC lists on our lists page here.

Unto the lists:

Russia’s :

  • Exalted Flamer and Chaos Sorcerors
  • Robert G, Chronus Land Raider, Sisters of Silence and Centurions
  • Banshee and Wave Serpents plus 3 flyers
  • Draigo + Stormravens
  • Straken, 120+ Conscripts, 60 snipers.
  • Azrael, DarkShroud and 7 Dark Talons.
  • Tau Commanders and Drones
  • Stephen Zotov’s Dante, Mephiston, and some totally random Blood Angel units.

Besides the obvious, Russia brings 4 out of left field lists, and 6 of the 8 are practically all playable post faqs.  Of the  lot, I love the Blood Angels list because it looks completely random.  Random good stuff painted in red.


Stephen Zotov’s list can give nosebleeds.  I swear.


  • T’au Commanders and Drones
  • Flesh Tearer Storm Ravens and Devastators
  • Ravenguard Storm Ravens and Centurions
  • Azrael Razorback & Devastators
  • Conscripts, Vindicare and Primaris Psykers
  • Full sister’s of Battle
  • Tzeentch FMC and Brimstones
  • RazorwingFlock

What I like about France’s lists is that even the flyer spams are still actually playable as they feature, as GW would put it, boots on the ground.

They also are getting quite ham with the brimstones, the lists featuring 9 units of 29 ( and and a blue horor in each) and 110 reinforcement points.

Not throwing shade at Poland’s lists, they feature more of the same as the previous 2, except these 2 lists that stand out from the lot:


Now with the new book you really want an Ultramarine HQ so switching Kayvaan Shrike is mandatory, but this list is a pretty unique ( compared to other Robert Lists )  and balanced take on the boys in blue.

The other list features 5 Onager Dunecrawler and that’s just adorable.  Spider tanks, spider tanks!

What do you guys think, did I miss anything?

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