Army Spotlight: Disco Rockets

Disco Rockets is the list I was playing at ATC.  It is a quite straightforward gunline of everyone’s favorite boys in blue, the Ultramarines.

Disco Rockets

Spearhead Detachement

  • HQ – Captain, Bolter&Chainsword
  • Heavy – 5x Devastators, Armorium Cherub, 4x Missile Launcher
  • Heavy – 5x Devastators, Armorium Cherub, 4x Missile Launcher
  • Heavy – 5x Devastators, Armorium Cherub, 4x Missile Launcher
  • Heavy – 5x Devastators, Armorium Cherub, 4x Missile Launcher

Spearhead Detachement

  • HQ – Captain, Bolter&Chainsword
  • Troops – 10x Scouts, 5x Bolter, 5x Sniper Riffle
  • Heavy – 5x Devastators, Armorium Cherub, 4x Missile Launcher
  • Heavy – 5x Devastators, Armorium Cherub, 4x Missile Launcher
  • Heavy – 5x Devastators, Armorium Cherub, 4x Missile Launcher
  • Heavy – 5x Devastators, Armorium Cherub, 4x Missile Launcher

Super Heavy Auxiliary Detachment

  • LOW – Roboute Guilliman

1998 pts – 8 Command Points

List Breakdown

Roboute Guilliman, henceforth known simply as Robert, is one of the best character in the game right now.  He can hide behind units, he is incredibly resilient on his own, inflicts tons of damage and offers 3 Command Points if he’s your warlord (As if anyone would question if he’s the warlord!)  He is well worthy of the primarch title.

This is all fun and games, but not only is he a beast, he also allows Ultramarines next to him to re-roll all failed to hit and to wound rolls.

With this re-roll ability in mind, we just stack as much devastating guns as we can around Robert.  IE. 8 units of devastators with Missile Launchers.

Missile Launchers are a great weapon the spam the crap out of, as they are equally good at killing big elite things and hordes of small disposable things.  Simply put, you either get 1d6 shots, or 1d6 wounds.  Times 32 Missiles.

The scouts are there to shield versus assault armies and reserved units.  Because it was the ATC, I was sticking to only one faction to allow my teammate Kelsey to play Astra Militarum.  In regular tournaments, I would swap the scouts for a buttload of cheap AM Conscripts.

Much the same can be said of the captains, which are a detachment tax, IE you need an HQ selection. And once again, the cheaper the better.  Commissars are nice and work well to keep your buttload of conscripts alive in the morale phase, or a Militarum Tempestor guy that can stay in reserves until turn 3 and then show up somewhere to (hopefully) get an objective.


Shoot. Rockets. At. People. ‘Nuff said.

But seriously, this gun line is as simple as they come.  Stick to Robert, shoot at threats, don’t get pile in on multiple units.

There are some tricky parts for this army:

  • Other gun lines with less drops (that will go first)
  • Knowing when to surrender a little bit of firepower to claim objectives by walking your devastators.
  • Dealing with blocking line of sights in the middle of the board
  • Going Leeroy with Robert.  Yes, there will come a time when Robert has to gat in and do the dirty work.  A little Leeroy is fine, but don’t go full Leeroy.

Updated for singles

There are 2 main ways to upgrade this army with a) the fresh new Space Marine Codex and b) Singles event with no faction restriction

I say two ways because to get max benefits from the codex and the oh-so-awesome ultramarine doctrine ( fall back and still shoot ) you don’t really want to include the Astra Militarum.

Full on Ultramarines

  • Captain x2
  • 8x Devastators, Armorium Cherubs
  • 5 Scouts, 3 sniper riffles
  • Chapter Ancient
  • Robert G

Imperium Mix

  • Comissar Lord
  • 25 Conscripts
  • 3x Devastators and Armorium Cherubs
  • Captain
  • 5x Devastators and Armorium Cherubs
  • Chapter Ancient
  • Robert G

Both version include our MVP: the Chapter Ancient, the best tool versus other gunlines and planes + chapter master drop.

The first version is my favorite right now, because while losing the screening units, you gain the full benefits of the doctrine and the ancient. With the genestealer and razorwing nerfs which were the 2 dominant close combat lists, this version is probably good for now.

The the second list cuts back on the ultra-doctrine, losing it on 3 squads ( which you can conveniently enough place in the far back or your deployment so they are less likely to get charged )  and also offers a much better screen versus assaulters and rapid fire shenanigans.  Once the chaos codex drops, this list is probably going to be the better version.

Buying this army

The easiest way to build this army is with a large play group and/or some friends.

Realistically, you need:

  • 1x Triumvirate of the Imperium
  • 2x Space Marine Captain
  • 2x Scouts
  • 8x Devastators

But the Devastator box, despite being one of my favorite kit in general, only comes with 1 Missile Launcher.  Meaning you are 24 short for the list.  That’s where a large playgroup and/or lots of friends come is, as almost every other Space Marine kit comes with a Missile Launcher.  So trade away.

The Triumvirate box is nice, because Cypher and Whatsisface the Grey Knight are nice models with good rules.

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