Units on the rise – August

So I’m hoping this becomes a monthly thing, or something recurring based on recent FAQs and tournaments where certain units / armies / combos are on the rise or on the fall

Glorydays (out)

Razorwing flock – AFAIK, only Alan Pajamapants ran them at BAO and it wasn’t the best outing for the pigeons.  No one heard about the word that weekend.

Genestealers – Hard to tell if it’s the point increase or the Forge World allowance, but GSC and nids were nowhere to be found.  Geoff “InControl” Robinson dropped after losing to Doug Johnson in round 3, so it’s hard to tell if he could’ve gone to a 5-1 record.

Still kinda hawt ( was good, still is )

Conscripts – Started good, remained good.  60 sounds like the bare minimum in every list that has Astra Militarum.

Changeling – I have yet to see a chaos list without this nasty guy.  Adding resilience to the infinite brimstone shields and to big stuff like Magnus and DPs, the changeling is a must include.

Brimstones – 60 of those everywhere, with blue horrors to prevent peril deaths.  Combined with the changeling, let the fun begin.

Storm Ravens – While the time of fielding 6 and nothing else is gone, Storm Ravens and a small Firewing Detachment are no pushover.

Robert – Ultrapimp Robert G is as good as ever, making the Imperium great again and all that jazz.

Fresh New Hawtness (in)

Vulture Gunship –  Maybe it was the absence of FW in the ATC/ETC lists, but the Valkyrie’s  gun-totting little cousin is not messing around.

Earthshakers – Basilisks or their FW counterparts, the Earthshaker platforms are a force to be reckoned with in every Astra Militarum lists.

Astra Militarum – In fact, that whole army is strong.  2 full astra militarum lists and a mixed imperium list are in the top 5 of BAO afterall.  Boots on the ground indeed.

Malefic Lords – Featured in Nick Nanavati’s list, these guys are poised to shine.  Casting a bunch of smite from safety and turning in the hulk if they perils, what’s not to love.

What has been working for you?  Did we miss anything?


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