The King of Finland

With all eyes turned to BAO and the ETC players scattered through Europe, Nick Nanavati sneaks by another tournament win; this time in Finland.

With time to spare in Europe before the ETC, Nick found a GT in Finland ( where he swears he saw the actual mother of dragons ) and proceeded to do his regular Nick thing and well, win the whole thing.

As he puts it: ” It wasn’t even close.  I had 96/100 pts, second place had 83.”

Here’s Nick’s list for the event:


Brown Legion.  Of course…

Besides the obvious (probably next in line to be FAQ’ed ) Brimstones, this list is far from the spam everyone has come to love and hate.  I mean, Warp talons? Rhinos? Berserkers?  Sign me up!

Malefic Lords are a real up and comer, for 30 points you get a chaos renegade character that casts smite from the relative safety of behind the brimstones.  And if they perils, they get to Daemon Prince-like statlines.

With codex CSM just around the corner, there will probably be a lot to tweak and add to this list.

If you don’t enjoy berserkers and all that funk,   check out Goatboy’s Chaos list from BAO.


1- Because you were wondering:

  • Yes, there is more to that picture
  • No, you don’t want to see it
  • No, I can’t tell you how I got it
  • Yes, it’s saved on my computer and I’m ashamed.

2- The puns with finish and Finnish are endless.  It took all my willpower not to write any, but please, feel free to post them in the comments.

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