Army Lists from the BAO

The BAO is just over we come to you bearing top lists.  The BAO marks the first 8th edition singles event post-BIRD FAQ with Forge World allowed.

These lists are sure to shape the future tournaments!

First thing first, Brandon Grant takes it home for the second time in a row!  Great job there, truly stepping up for the West Coast scene.

Second order of business, army lists.

Here are the top 5 lists, along with everyone’s favorite Goatboy’s Chaos and Steve Sisk’s Super Heavies, 2 lists I really like.

Thursday’s article will dig a lot more into the lists, in the meantime, enjoy!

Brandon Grant ( BAO CHAMPION – Astra Militarum )


Mitch Pelham ( 2nd – Astra Militarum )


Doug “Warboss Dugg” Johnson ( 3rd – BEST OVERALL – Imperium)


Paul McKelvey (4th – Tau Empire )


Adam Gati ( 5th – Ynnari )


Steve Sisk (21st – Ultramarine Lords of War)


Thomas “Goatboy” Reidy ( 24th – Chaos )


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