FAQ 07/23 – The BIRD FAQ

ATC and ETC lists are filled with Razorwing Flocks and Stormraven Spam.

This weekend, Games Workshop addressed this situation with a new FAQ and Erratta that would make Edgar Allan Poe proud:  Nevermore.

By now, you probably know about the word. Bird is the word, and the BIRD FAQ is quite fitting, showing GW’s recent interest in the tournament scene and fixing the matched play version of the game.

You can find the FAQs here.

Now into the actual stuff:

Why the Storm Ravens were nerfed

This new addition to the general FAQ means that if at the end of your turn you don’t have a non-flyer unit on the board, you are considered tabled.

This is problematic for the current variation of the list ( 6 Storm Ravens, a Chapter Master of some sorts and the cheapest troops available) – God forbid something terrible happens to your commander, like taking sniper shots to the face.

But it is not a deal breaker, as you can put some folk on the board hidden somewhere far away, or take one raven less, with stuff on the board.  You’re likely still going first, and can shoot down problematic snipers.

All is not lost if you’ve bought 5 Storm Ravens last week for BAO/NOVA.

Why the Razorwing got nerfed

14 points instead of 7.  Holy-moly, that is a steep increase.  Take the same armies, that 60 bases instead of 120.

While 7 points was clearly not fair and balanced, 14 is too steep of a price hike to still be viable, specially when you can still buy 3pts AM Conscripts and the likes to fill the board with.

Genestealer point hike

Overshadowed by all the birds, the genestealer spam was quite real, with a lot of 100+ GSC lists present.  The point hike to 15 a piece is a decent nerf, but probably not an deal breaker for GSC and Nids armies.

The good-news/bad-news situation


In light of the BIRD FAQ, we are facing a good news/ bad news type of deal with GW’s new attitude over competitive play.

Good News:

It’s being addressed.  If you’ve played any 7th edition 40k, you realize the boring that happens when overpowered stuff is left unchecked.

Bad News:

Over-policing of lists is nasty when it involves thousands of dollars of miniatures and a lot of hobby hours.  Yeah, those 3 months of work and that $1,000 worth of space marines, unplayable plastic.  Sorry bro.



The BIRD FAQ is quite balanced in terms of policing, as 2 of the 3 armies affected by the nerf bat are still playable.  As for the 3rd, it’s a funny thing, as most people were using off-brand models to play Razorwing Flocks.

I like that the FAQ targets armies and units that are not fun to play against.  Armies where one player doesn’t get to interact with his opponent was the most infuriating thing of 7th edition, and it’s nice to see it being dealt with quickly.


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